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SI Sounds


Leipzig Show

Looks like we’ll be playing on Saturday the 22nd (May) and not on the 21st as previously stated. Nevertheless, we rock harder on any given day than any other band out there.

The Sound & The Sore/Ace 7″ (Deleted Art/Altin Village) will be out in time for the show.

Narcissus Can Wait 12″ almost sold-out

Got the word from Deleted Art that there are only 20 copies left of the “Narcissus Can Wait” 12″ and that there will be no represses. Zero, nada, noll. So, if you haven’t already bought this five-song gem then now’s the time to cough up the dough. Of course, it still exist in its digital format (but mp3s are appalling anyways so who the fuck wants that?) via klicktrack.

In other news: you rule!

New 7″

We can almost, almost, guarantee that there will be a new 7″ released on the 21th of May in conjunction with our show in Leipzig. It will be the first (only?) single of Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed and will feature the song “The Sound & The Sore” backed with a smoking b-side that we have yet to record. We’ll let you in on the details later on. This will mark the beginning of a small comeback (emphasis on “small”) for Cut City.

Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed will hopefully be released late summer if nothing too severe happens (it most certainly will taking in account CC’s history).


Don’t know about the general populace of you blog-readers but we here at Camp Shitty loves records. Not in the smooth sense of love-making but rather in the sense of collecting obscure (and sometimes valuable) phonograms. We’re not alone. We know that… but sometimes when you paid a little bit too much of cash for that 7″ that you already own but in a different pressing you might contemplate prescription drugs. It might be some ancestoral DNA-thing from way back when we were hunters and gatherers. I really don’t know and I really don’t care. But I digress… as I said we’re not alone and we’re definitely not the ones knee-deep in this travesty. Recommended reading: Vinyl Junkies by Brett Milano. This book gives record-collecting a whole other dimension. Shit you not. Mandatory read if you hate mp3s. Remember though: record collectors are pretentious assholes!

Show update

We’re going to perform at the Altin Village & Mine sponsored La Familia Y Amigos – Festival on the 21st of May. Among many fine bands that are playing are XIU XIU and The Robokop Kraus. I’ve heard that Mi Ami might be playing but that’s not confirmed .┬áIt’s merely a rumour. We’ll definitely be playing some new songs instead of the old crap that make people sick to their stomachs.

Here’s our new tour van. We like it. Comfy.

tour van



Songs (subject to change due to irrational behaviour):

A1 Void
A2 The Sound & The Sore
A3 Nite Rites
A4 Cults
A5 *************

B1 A Modest Recovery
B2 Drum (for Subtle Soldier)
B3 Just Don’t
B4 Ghost Pose

We’re getting together early March to track the final pieces and then we’ll proceed to mix and master this grand mal of a record. We still haven’t received the memo regarding post-punk’s dear demise so nothing too brash has happened. But hey, what do we know? We work alone with very few people involved to tell us right from wrong so it might end up a big stinker but we hope not.