Don’t know about the general populace of you blog-readers but we here at Camp Shitty loves records. Not in the smooth sense of love-making but rather in the sense of collecting obscure (and sometimes valuable) phonograms. We’re not alone. We know that… but sometimes when you paid a little bit too much of cash for that 7″ that you already own but in a different pressing you might contemplate prescription drugs. It might be some ancestoral DNA-thing from way back when we were hunters and gatherers. I really don’t know and I really don’t care. But I digress… as I said we’re not alone and we’re definitely not the ones knee-deep in this travesty. Recommended reading: Vinyl Junkies by Brett Milano. This book gives record-collecting a whole other dimension. Shit you not. Mandatory read if you hate mp3s. Remember though: record collectors are pretentious assholes!


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Night Minutes is the sole effort of an unwise mind struggling to be accepted by bullets coming its way.

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