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I just found some old demos in a folder collecting dust and I thought I’d share them with you. First of is “Departure In Particular” which in this stage was simply called “Swerve Around” because we thought it sounded somewhat like Swervedriver. The vocals are a bit shaky but wtf, who cares.

Next is a self-indulgent little thing  called “X-mas Pornography”. It’s a version of “Just Pornography (for M.E.)”  comprised by guitars and vocals alone and I think it was recorded back in 2008 around christmas (duh). I don’t think anyone else besides myself has heard this version. Not even the others in the band.





This evening serves Harmonia & Eno “Tracks and Traces”, Neu! “Neu! ’75” as well as a live show with We Live In Trenches. I received the mp3s of the new Liars album but I’m going to wait until the vinyl arrives. It’s definitely going to be worth the wait. Love that band to death and I will catch them in Berlin in a couple of weeks. Going to let The Replacements have some airplay as well. “Can’t Hardly Wait” of course.

Can’t wait until our album’s done.

Btw, Magnus (and his gf Anna) had a little baby boy yesterday. Congrats! His name will be Cronos or some other rad name.


We’re laying down some of the vocals next week and we’re having Per Stålberg of Division of Laura Lee mixing the record. He’s done some amazing work with both DOLL and other artists and we’re happy to be working with him. The albun should be done (hopefully) in mid-May and out sometime in August/September.


Sonic Boom – Spectrum LP (Silvertone)
Aa – Glossy 12″ (Deleted Art/Altin Village)
Liars – Sisterworld LP (Mute)
The Cult – Sonic Temple LP

Silver Apples – S/T LP (Kapp) <— David’s drug of choice

Of course there’s a whole lot of other shit we listen to right now but these are the gems!

Midi Mayhem

We just spent the entire weekend trying to record the last couple of songs for our LP2 and it was a digital disaster. We’ve never encountered so much trouble before. At its best, mixing analogue with digital is a tricky thing and at its worst it’s hell. But we managed to see it through and the basic tracks are done. Now we have a couple of guitars and some vocals left and we should be set to go.

The Sound & The Sore

For so long
Empty chairs where’s the enemy

We picture the picture differently
Vacant eyes stare endlessly
Got no blood on my hands
And a minute to spare

For too long
Different knives in the very same wound

Sum of thoughts of how it should be
Accompanied by someone to leave
A lot of blood on my hands
And a minute’s despair

Greetings from the darkness
No pity shown
We wade in pools of blood that we call our home
Pleased to meet me
I’m leaving

Death comes ripping
No pity shown
It’s all so disgusting but I know my home
Pleased to meet me
It’s deceiving

And it feels so real
And it feels surreal

Weekend Results

David – Wisby Kloster
Oskar – Fuller’s Golden Pride
Max – Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Magnus – unknown (quantity 3 bottles)