Archive | June 2010

The Sound & The Sore @ Dullspace

Go listen to “The Sound & The Sore” at our abandoned place at MS. Should be able to download it as well. Figure that because it has taken forever to finish this shit we might as well put it out there now. If MS doesn’t work (being a shitty platform that it is) try downloading it right here!

/Dick Cockmaster


Waiting Game

We’ll wrap up Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed in a month or so, probably two or three months. After that we’ll lay the band to rest for a while, possibly forever. Where’s The Harm… will most likely be our last testament. We all feel that the songs are the best shit we’ve ever written. Don’t know how the final master will sound but I’m sure it’ll be great. Kristian Anttila, who produced Exit Decades, will man the board this time too. We’re happy about that.

In other news, Night Minutes are mastering their debut 7″ this week. To be released soon(ish). Ved are most likely to open for NEU! in September.

See ya!