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Guests at It’s A Trap

It’s A Trap posted an mp3 and some loving words about us the other day. Thanks. Much love goes back in the very same direction!

We promise to have the album done soon-ish. Most promises aren’t worth shit so why should this be anything but the same? Truth is, you don’t know! But feel free to hurl digital shit at us until it’s done. It’ll serve as catalyst I hope.


Night Minutes

Scandinavian-loving music site It’s A Trap had this to say about the newly recorded Night Minutes EP.

Night Minutes is the new project of the always-charming Max J Hansson of the soon-to-be-departed Cut City in which he collaborates with Ms. Anna Knutsson of the likewise-great/still-going-strong We Live in Trenches (who still need to send me mp3s of the album btw). While it is surely a shame that CC is going under, the prospect of Max playing in a far more actively active band is far more exciting. You see, Max lives in Göteborg and the rest of those dudes live down in Malmö… it’s not that far, but far enough to cause complications. With Night Minutes there are no such issues, just quality JAMC-inspired jangle noise. The Raveonettes are an obvious point of comparison too, though Night Minutes‘ fuzzy sheen is more trve lo-fi in comparison to the Dane’s well-manicured gloss. Anyhow, “Sweetheart of the funeral” is my favorite of the three songs off their forthcoming self-titled debut EP, due out soon via Deleted Art offshoot Psychic Malmö — heavy on the girl group vibe, but not overselling it. The female/male vocal tradeoffs in combination with the cheap and raw organ tones make for quality noisepop, that’s really all there is to it. It’s easy to like and I’m immediately smitten.”

Night Minutes update

Night Minutes have two tracks up at their myspace site. Go have a listen.