Archive | September 2010


Beast has recorded a couple of tracks for various releases on REV/VEGA, Psychic Malmö and Nosordo.

Night Minutes have demoed nine tracks that will appear on their debut album “Grateful Depression”.


LP2 Recording

A couple of weeks ago I recorded some vocals for the upcoming full-length. Four tracks, three of which have been mixed and are somewhat ready. Titles? “Void”, “The Cult Revisited”, “A Modest Recovery” and “Paul Westerberg”. Yes, the infatuation with The Replacements and PW still lingers on but that’s the way I like it.

More news soon(ish).

The rest of the future today

Yesterweekend we had a short listening party with our flamboyant producer, Kristian Anttila, who’s been able to squeeze in a couple of hours worth of studio time to fix the humbug of a recording that has so far been called LP2 – also known as “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed”. Who would’ve thought that we’d finally see the day? Few of us, fewer of you I suspect but I can(‘t) guarantee that we’ll work hard to have it done by the end of the year. Those words would probably be of magnificient weight had we kept every promise we’ve made during the past two years since the start of the “buzz” of this album.  Well… fuck it, we can’t be happier.

This album will slay!