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Album Bummer

Album name: Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?

01. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
02. Stench of Prophet
03. Hey You
04. Don’t You Ever Leave Me
05. Leper Messiah
06. One In A Million
07. One In A Million (reprise)
08. Interview w/ band
09. “radio static”

…or something along the line. More news soon.


Band of the month

Seems we’re ‘Band of The Month’ over at Or rather were. We discovered it a little too late. We were ‘Band of The Month’ in September. Still, we’re delighted be in the spotlight again and it’s with no surprise our egos are swelling just a wee bit. The irony of course is that the blog is called Future Indie Music and as most people know (yes all 8 billion people habiting Earth) Cut City has no future to speak of. But, as said, it’s with great pleasure we read all the nice things people write about us. Thanks to everyone who still cares. You are what matters. No one else.

Future Tears Today

Just received a mix for a song called Future Tears Today and I’ve got to tell you that there’s a magician working on our album. Not in a million years did I anticipate how well this would turn out. Thanks Kristian, thanks!

Lick The Pavement Clean

More recording done. Everything’s going smooth. This album looks to be done soon. And I mean soon as in probably just a month or so. Free sample? Maybe.

We still have no idea if this album will exist more than in a digital version. Vinyl is expensive and cds fucking blow. If you’re the head honcho of a record label who wishes to dump money into the ocean and never receive a penny in return, please email us and we’ll get to business! We’d love to have it out in physical format but it looks unlikely at this point. Sorry!

If you’re going to buy, borrow or steal an album of worth this year (besides ours) then you’ll need to get Swans‘ “My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky”. Sheer darkness in its most beautiful dress!

Utter hate,




There are still some copies available of the Narcissus Can Wait ep from the Deleted Store. Soon they are all gone and will NOT be re-pressed ever. So if you don’t have it it’s probably time to get your hand on one!

Order here:

The Exit Decades LP have been gone for a long time now but the CD version is still available for the low price of 4,00 dollars + postage. If you still care about cds and don’t have  it write to: for orders & shipping costs.

The 4-track s/t cdep will be given away for free with every order!

/ Cut City

Wiki Kick

Among other things you can find at Wikipedia is a lengthy piece about Methamphetamine, the history of crack cocaine and pretty much a summary of every drug ever snorted, injected, inhaled or swallowed. What you will not find is… us. Now, I’m not stupid, I know people, if given the choice, would rather get fucked than listen to our relatively unnoticed orchestra. However, that wiki page was only a few kilobytes of information polluting the internet. Heard of spam? At ’em boy!

Seriously though, you will find all the information you need on this blog. I will add pages soon.

I will return to Kristian this friday to record some more vocals. Should be fun.

Until next time: be safe ladies and gentlemen!