Archive | November 2010

News Blast

Been talking to friends in the industry (whoa… the industry!) and we’re looking into the possibility of getting this album a proper release in a physical format. The nerds in us want this album to take shape in a magical 12″ circular vinyl object in a just as nerdy run of a few hundred copies to assure that it will become an instant collectors item just as “Exit Decades” once became. The more understanding persons in us know that few people own turntables these day thus want it to be available as a glimmering disc of 0’s and 1’s.

We really hope that we’ll be able to pull this off. But understand this: it’s not easy persuading people to spend money on us knowing that we won’t be able to tour on this record. Might as well set fire to the bills and use them to light cigarettes. Oh well… Keep your fingers crossed (or better yet, ask all of your friends to donate money and body organs so that we can make this thing happening!)

Much love from the cobweb!