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Night Minutes <3 IAT.COM

Max’ other band, Night Minutes, contributed to It’s A Trap‘s 2010 year lists. You can check it out here. IAT-staff writer Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson put “The Sound & The Sore” on his Top Ten list of 2010. That makes our hearts warm in this frosty season.

Received more WTHIDD-mixes. Sounds great.

Happy holidays!


Wits’ End

As yet another year comes to an end, but two weeks and a couple of days left, I remember last year, at approximately the same time, making a promise that “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?” would be released during 2010. “And that’s a fact” I said. Well, we have all the facts now and all we mustered to release was a digital single, “The Sound & The Sore”. We were so sure of the ourselves, determined to have our 2nd album out the same year, but we failed. But that’s just life.

Knowing that this piece of work will (probably) be the last thing we’ll release, we knew it was important to take our time and make it the best album ever with the most inspiring songs we’ve written. With the album 90% done I know now that that’s exactly what we’ve done. “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?” is the best thing we’ve produce during our somewhat short career. It’s noisy, it’s dreamy, it’s dark, it’s bright; it spans from anger to apathy, dread to disgust and everything inbetween. Still it’s a work of love and there’s not a second on it that doesn’t strike a nerve within us.

It’s been almost four years since “Exit Decades” was released and five since it was recorded. For another album to take this long to complete is fucked but that’s the way we work and if you still are with us then you’re the epitome of patience and we love you. For everyone who’ll venture with us in the work to make our 2nd album a physical reality there will be surprises. There will be extras for sure.

So, with 2010 soon over, we thank every last one of you out there still paying interest in us!

Much love,

/Max, Magnus, Oskar & David


So, thanks to a tip from one of our dear fans, Chris, we’re going to start a fundraising project for our 2nd album. He tipped us off about, a site devoted to help people fund their artistic project.

It seems pretty failsafe; the people behind the project (that will be us, Cut City) pledge for money, a set sum and then people (in this case hopefully you) sign up to donate money in return for various offers (the album along with other goodies). The thing is we won’t receive one bit of money unless the money is fully funded by the end of the deadline. If not then the money goes straight back to you guys. You can read more about via the link above.

We’re going to look into how much money it’ll cost to do a limited run of a vinyl version of “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?” and then we’ll take it from there. We’ll keep it simple and affordable for everyone.

Seems great right? Well, go tell all your friends about it and let’s start making this thing happening.

Much love from all of us!

/Cut City (broke indierockers)


The discussion about a vinyl version of our next album is continuing. Wish we were millionaires so we could ignore the fact that it costs money to produce such an artefact. But we’re not millionaires, not even close. So how do we make this happen? Well…

A run of 500 copies of a 12″ costs around €1500 to make. Our recording cost €1100. That’s a total of €2600. Divide that with 500 and it’s a around €5/copy. That would mean, in theory, that if 500 people would pre-order the album we’d be home safe. Now, I know that we won’t find 500 people just like that (nerds into vinyl with cash to spend) but it would be cool if it worked. At €10 we would need 250 people and at €20 roughly 130 people and so on… Or we could just find one human willing to pre-order the album at €2600 to finance the whole thing. Are you that one guy/girl?

Open for discussion.