More drunken tales from the assembly line

As we speak, we’ve received the masters and we’re carefully assembling the music, putting it to place in correct order. No doubt do we feel a certain sense of pride as we listen to the songs; there are rockers, downers; songs about hate, songs about love and everything in between. Forty minutes and a couple of more seconds, nicely distributed between nine tracks (one being a trilogy – “oh the pretension is tense”)

We’ve started to work out a deal to secure the realization of the vinyl version of this mess. We’ll be announcing the details soon so hang in there.

Thanks to everyone who comes here and to all the people still supporting us. You mean the world to us!


About gratefuldepression

Night Minutes is the sole effort of an unwise mind struggling to be accepted by bullets coming its way.

5 responses to “More drunken tales from the assembly line”

  1. Johnny says :

    “So you send them all away
    let them wait for the sake of waiting”

    Damn I cannot wait until this album is finally out

  2. Oz says :

    The excitement is overflowing!
    would be great to let us hear some of the songs from her new album … but I guess that is not allowed to do that.

    my favorite song is the sound & the sore

  3. Joe says :

    Please work it out asap! We all love you so much!

  4. Matt says :

    YAY! I’m so awaiting this Cut City means the artrock world
    to me!

  5. Ernesto Menocal Mendizabal says :

    guys you ROCK ma world!
    come to Perú soon

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