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In a mere two days I received both the master of the new CC album and also the Night Minutes’ one. Two babies at once, and I’m the proudest dad around. They’re different from eachother, no doubt, and I feel an urgency when listening to them. When “Where’s The Harm…” will hit the stores I don’t know. It all depends on the fundraising thing we’re about to start real soon. Night Minutes’ “Grateful Depression” will be released in April sometime. David’s label Deleted Art will take care of the distribution so if you’re interested talk to him deleted dot art (a) gmail dot com.

We’ve asked for patience and you’ve been nothing but and yet we still ask for a little more. We’ll definitely drop a digital single soon. Not a crappy demo mp3 like the in the previous post. A REAL ONE!

Stay tuned!


Last Will And Testament

Before we dive head first into our new album (release date TBA) we can always lure a few of you to frequent this site by offering the last two demos CC ever did before collapsing. Song number one on this digital 7″ is the subtly titled “Billy Duffy”, a blatant rip-off of “She Sells Sanctuaries” by The Cult. The second song is a Paul Westerberg-scented dud called “Home Is Where Your Heart Broke”. The volume output is shit and so is the audio quality but that’s what you get when you demo your shit at home. Don’t ask about lyrics because there are none. Just words sung “stream-of-consciousness”-style.

Digital 7″ – “Billy Duffy” b/w “Home Is Where Your Heart Broke”

Don’t make to big of a deal out of this. Professionally produced material will appear soon.


01. Void
02. A Modest Recovery
03. The Sound & The Sore
04. Cults Revisited
05. Future Tears Today
06. War Drum
07. The Kids of Masochism High
08. Left of Denial
09. Ghost Pose

  • I) Lover
  • II) Drifter
  • III) Floater

Total running time: 43 minutes and 08 seconds

Produced by Kristian Anttila and Cut City.