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“Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” is up on Spotify now. More to follow later.

Cut City – Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed


Credit where credit’s due

Once again, thank you! It seems like more people than we expected are willing to pay for digital music. That’s awesome! We want to take the opportunity to give a little something back to all the people who’ve supported us so far (and those to come).

If don’t want to lie on your deathbed forty/fifty/sixty years from now wishing you could have been on the “thank you”-list on a swedish postpunk bands last album’s vinyl issue, then now’s your chance. All of the people who’ve bought the digital version of WTHIDD will have their name written in big bold letters (or small thin ones if there’s too many of you) on the back inner sleeve of the vinyl version. We don’t know exactly when we’re shipping this to the printers but if you want gloat to your friends and want them to be able to read your name on the album with a big “Thank You” to it then here’s your chance.

Some people might say that we’re conning people into buying their personal ad space on our record. They would be right. Other people might say that this is a great way of supporting your favorite band. They’re also right. Even more so we think. But it’s up to you. We’re forever in debt to all of you already and we couldn’t be much more lucky with the nice army of fans that we have.

If you have bought the album and for some reason don’t want your name on the album (“I want to stay off the radar, no paper trail, fuck you…”) just let us know and we’ll expunge your name from our permanent records!



It’s A Trap <3 CC

The very fine people over at It’s A Trap posted a glorious review of WTHIDD. Thanks Lars!



When I first heard “The sound and the sore”, my first exposure to Cut City‘s final chapter, it was immediately evident that the band had continued the evolution evident between their first full-length, “Exit decades”, and the phenomenal “Narcissus can wait” EP. Still, this was little preparation for “Where’s the harm in dreams disarmed?” While it saddens me considerably that this will be the last we’ll hear from the band, the album is a fitting farewell. There is not a weak song on the album, and the ground covered — in terms of the songwriting, the instrumentation, and the emotional landscapes explored — is more than I could have expected: opener “Void” resonates with all of the passion found on “Narcissus…”, its nervous energy emerging from whispers of instrumentation; “Future tears today” is dark and anthemic, unnerving yet beautiful, confidently moving toward its end; “The kids of Masochism High” with its crushing waves of distortion and screaming lead guitar has become one of my favorite songs penned by Cut City; and “Left of denial” would not feel out of place on a John Hughes film soundtrack. And that only briefly covers less than half of the songs; I could easily write as long a post as I did for “The sound and the sore” for most of the tracks on here.
This may be their last battle cry, but I have little doubt that Cut City‘s final album will echo long into the future, and deservedly so.
Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

And yes we know…

…that by purchasing our new album song by song you will save one euro/dollar/whatever. And we just want to let you know that you won’t be frowned upon. We salute your vigor and hope that the day you turn millionaire you’ll give us a call!

D-Day Addition

First off: thanks for all the nice comments and thanks for buying something that is purely digital and most likely will be wiped clean from your hard drive next time your computer starts having its own way.

ADDITION: anyone who has purchased a digital copy of our new album will be able to buy the vinyl version at discount price (something in the range of 5 euros + postage). That is, if we manage to save up cash enough from these sales to produce one. We save your digital receipts so we know who you are later on.

Much love,

/Cut City


It’s been a tearing wait. Not only for you but ourselves as well. Many of the songs were written years ago, right after “Exit Decades”, and were put in a digital box to collect dust. Some of them have matured nicely and some of them were just instantaniously perfect to fit our glove. As most bands would say – We’re psyched, proud and generally happy to be able to present this body of work that we’ve put so much effort into.

The sales from the digital versions of “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” will go directly to fill the pockets of vinyl manufacturers. We want this baby to have a physical body and we hope that you will be able to help us with that. Head over to our BANDCAMP site and download our new album. Thanks so much for being patient with us! You rock!

Thanks to Kristian Anttila for helping us out.



/Max, Magnus, Oskar and David – CUT CITY