Archive | November 2011

Name Drop

We just sent out an email to everyone who bought the digital version of “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” with some simple instruction of how to get your name printed on the inner sleeve of the vinyl version. If you for some reason is supposed to have your name on that list BUT haven’t received an email then please contact us. exitdecades (a) gmail dot com. We’ve exported the email addresses from so they should be valid.



Update schmupdate

Things wouldn’t be the things are if a Cut City release wasn’t delayed. Sorry folks. We’re having some trouble tying the package together and the set date (which ever it was) has been pushed into the future. Don’t worry though, the money issue is no issue . Finance has been secured. We will be starting to take pre-orders soon but “Where’s The Fuck In Shit Outta Luck” will probably not be out until early next year. But (!), it’ll come in a really nice packaging, really limited quantities and YOUR name WILL be on it and you will cry when you hold it in your hands. That’s the upcoming truth. Let there be love. Much love.