Archive | January 2012

Still here

Yes we are. It’s 2012 and we still have a few things to do before we close shop. We’re approaching the finish line with little haste but we’re getting there. The “Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?” 12″ will soon be more than a postpunk fable akin to “Chinese Democracy”. We’re just waiting for the last amount of cash to drop into our accounts before we pour it all down into the pockets of the pressing plant. It’ll be amazing. Some artwork changes and a special edition from Metz record label Fireworks Recordings are some of the things that are new. Again we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone. We’ve done that several times but you’re the shit and you need to know that.

If you want to see us live be sure to check back here in 2022 when “Where’s The Harm..” celebrates its ten year birthday and we’ll play the whole album in front of twenty people in Dresden!

Love you all,