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The absurdity of tragedy

For every word we post here, lamenting on whether “Where’s The Harm…” will make its appearance sooner or later, there’s a sense I get that people think we holding out on them, cheating, lying and stealing their money. To some extent it’s true; many of you  have given us your money expecting to receive the vinyl version before retirement kicks in. And ten months after it was originally released as boring mp3s there’s yet no actual physical copy in any of our hands. Not mine, not yours. The sincerity of which we apologise is that of a man on his deathbed: WE ARE SO SORRY! You deserve better.

All we can say right now is that it won’t be long until we send of all the stuff to the pressing plant. Not long at all. All the final details, art, money is secured and done. We started this blog to document the process of recording and releasing our 2nd album. That was in February of 2010. But we remain hopeful that some of you are still with us to this day. We’ve got some of the most amazing fans. Thank you.