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Go(o)d Rules



Henge Beat On The Brat

Unless you’ve been living under a gargantuan pile of heavy rocks (and as well as some tiny pebbles) and haven’t been able to gnaw off limbs to secure your way back to civilization then you might be excused for not picking up the more than just awesome ‘Henge Beat’ album by the australian excellency of Total Control. This gem rocks in so many ways you’re pretty much destroyed after repeated listenings. For fans of Suicide, Gary Numan and pure awesomeness. Get it here ASAP!

30th of July

The 30th of July is a Monday and despite it being the beginning of a whole new work week (or a week of slacking off if you’re unemployed, homeless or just a lazy C-average student) it will be known in the future as The Day We Thought Would Never Come. At least we hope so. Unless the pressing plant is taking a huge dump on us there’ll be some plastic sent your way. I don’t think we need to remind you of how long you’ve waited (or possibly not waited if this is your first encounter with this now hopelessly defunct band).

By writing this I”ve probably jinxed the arrival date so I’m just going to stop right n…