World Music

Some years back ago the label I used to be a part of (and David still is), Deleted Art released a true gem that I had kind of forgotten until today when we got reacquainted. Clipd Beaks blew my mind in so many ways back then and it did so again.

Preyers was the only thing Deleted Art ever released by them but they have since gone on and released multiple albums, ep’s and tracks that are scattered across the internet.

Here’s a Spotify-link for those who share our urge to explore new music!

Clipd Beaks – Preyers


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Night Minutes is the sole effort of an unwise mind struggling to be accepted by bullets coming its way.

2 responses to “World Music”

  1. katarzyna says :

    the first tune is gaze gold, thanks, but don’t forget that i’m probably not the only one who search for exit decades three times a day on spotify with no result;) and thanks for the beautiful vinyl btw, those big red letters looked really good printed, peace

    • gratefuldepression says :

      Thanks for those nice loving words. Warms our hearts in this dreadful cold winter. Exit Decades will hopefully be up on Spotify soon aling with the rest of our discography. Just wait (like you aren’t already!). Take care!

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