Get on instagram and search for #cutcity to see some blurry photos of our recent reunion. Last weekend we all got together in the same room to listen to WTHIDD for the first time. Ever. It was also the first time in three years we all were together. Great time!


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Night Minutes is the sole effort of an unwise mind struggling to be accepted by bullets coming its way.

4 responses to “#CUTCITY”

  1. public-pervert says :

    Great to know you guys got toguether again, even if it was just to listen the album. Seeing you guys playing is such a dream to me. I really love Cut City since the begining. ❤

    • gratefuldepression says :

      I can honestly say that the only thing preventing us from playing shows right now is “life”. We all care for each other and our hiatus is only because we can’t manage our lives and make them sync better. Who knows what the future will hold though!

      Thanks for the loving words.

      • Alexander says :

        f*ck life, play shows!…. please note all the joy, laughter and lovehidden in that comment. not considering my own not-ability to manage my own life… but frankly, do it 😉

      • gratefuldepression says :

        Fuck it, I’ll kill my family, rent a van and do all our songs acoustic if that’ll satisfy the mob!

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