We Dedicate Records pt. 2



About gratefuldepression

Night Minutes is the sole effort of an unwise mind struggling to be accepted by bullets coming its way.

9 responses to “We Dedicate Records pt. 2”

  1. Leonardo / @public-pervert. says :

    I have nothing in my mind to say, other than “oh my god, OH MY GOD!”. If I had that piece of paper, I would put in center of my wall and would kept it forever.

    Thanks to be so kind, and Thanks for your music. You’re the man, really.


  2. Oz says :

    :’D… beautiful, guys we love you!!!
    I would give everything to watch you play in live

  3. Leonardo / @public_pervert says :

    Me too! Cut City is one of top list shows I most want to watch. Sadly, we can’t get it even on youtube.

    • gratefuldepression says :

      Yeah, there are pretty much no live clips from any shows. That’s too bad. We toured before everyone started using their cell phones to record clips. I’ve seen three short videos and nothing more. Maybe some more will surface in time but I doubt it!

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