Cut City


Oskar Andersson
Magnus Borg
David Hagberg
Max J. Hansson


11 responses to “Cut City”

  1. Alonso Acosta says :

    You guys are such a great musical inspiration and a great kick ass band, too bad you are quiting so soon, yeah i know music living is harder this days.

    Thanks for all the great tunes and the las great album to arrive.

    Saludos from Mexico city!!


  2. gratefuldepression says :

    Thanks for the very nice words! Technically, we’re not quitting but rather sleeping 🙂

  3. Daniel Kristensen says :

    Hi, my name is Daniel and i am from Brazil. I would like to thank you guys, for the best and magical sound that you are playing.
    I wonder you play soon in Brazil. There are a lot of fans here.
    Your songs are my playlist life. Sorry for the worst english in this posts, but they are from heart.
    Thanks one more time.

    • gratefuldepression says :

      Brazil would be such a great place to play but I think that it won’t happen in the near or distant future (even though we’d hope to be able to). Cut City doesn’t play any shows right now and we don’t know if we ever will again. It’s just the way things are.

      Thanks for speaking from your heart and no one cares if your english isn’t that of native englishman!

  4. Jeremy Tennant says :

    Hey Cut City. Can’t believe i’ve only just discovered you guys…! Amazing sounds and two superb albums! Really hope you’ll carry on and make another album. Best Swedish band ever by far! Love from England.

  5. kdraaven says :

    Hola soy de MExico Realmente son lamejor banda que conosco y son realmente increibles la musica realmente esta estructurada de manera perfecta a diario los escucho son reaente geniales me gustaria tener su cd, y tal vez vinieran a mexico realmente setia muy riste q se disolviera la banda por q para mi es la mejor banda q eh escuchada y me gustaria muchos mas album y que ojala vinieran a mexico ya que para mi pintan para ser una leyenda y gran banda son simbolo de afmiracion y respeto sigan trabajando que la buena musica siempre tiene valor y la de ustedes es unica muchisimas graciass yeah

    • gratefuldepression says :

      Gracias mes amigos de Mexico!Thank you my Mexican friends! I know only a few words in Spanish so I’m not sure what you’re saying except that you enjoy our music. That’s awesome!

  6. dave says :

    regresen por favor vengan a MEXICO!!!! yo se que aqui serian una banda unica ecepcional perfecta unica en genero y estilo me encantaria tener su disco!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cut city debe regresar con un nuevo album!!!!

  7. Xiomara A. says :

    I would love to see you guys live. I wish you were able to come to America, specifically Chicago. I would cough up the goods to see you guys perform right before me. But I know you’re all taking a “break” from the band. Still, you guys have made some AMAZING tunes. I will move to Sweden if it means I can see you guys perform sometime in the future!

    • gratefuldepression says :

      You will trade Chicago for Sweden? Never been to Chicago but I guess a change of scenery won’t kill you (or maybe it does!). Live shows won’t happen any time soon I guess but when they do I’ll give you a heads up!

      Thanks for the loving words and don’t die on us:)


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