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The Curse of Cut City

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago David fell down a flight of stairs, cut open his leg, leaving the doctors to stitch him up real nicely. Just three days later Max crashed with his scooter, demolishing his foot, leaving him gimp-like right now. This unfortunately leaves us with the only option of cancelling our show down in Leipzig. It sucks, we know, but there’s on way around this. Apologies to everyone who bought tickets in hope to catch us live. We’re sorry!

Other news; David performed with VED in Gothenburg last week and it was an amazing show according to the crowd. Night Minutes has finished up their recording now with only mastering left to be done.


Related News

David is playing drums in Malmoe-based VED and they’re going to do some shows around Sweden. There’s a show in Gothenburg on the 5th of May that you need to attend if you’re anywhere near the city. On the 2nd of July there’s one in Malmoe as well and on the 23rd of July one in Gagnef. You need to see this. That’s just how it is!

David’s also busy in the organ/drum duo of Beast. They did an amazing show a couple of weeks back and they will do some more shows later on as soon as their broken organ is fixed.

Night Minutes are mixing their recording today.

La Familia Y Amigos

Here’s the full line-up for the festival in May. Looks like it will be some rad shows indeed!

Friday 21st
Mi Ami (US)
The Falcon Five (Ger)
Grave Shovel Let’s Go (Ger)
+ secret surprise

Saturday 22nd
Die Golden Zitronen (Ger)
The Robocop Kraus
Cut City (Swe)
My Disco (AU)

Not sure how much the tickets are but I’m sure they’re not a year’s pay at least. Bring 5 euros in addition to whatever you have saved up for beer to be able to pick up the first single from our new album. Yes, it will blow your minds. Yes, it’s way better than Bon Jovi. Yes, we will give out handjobs for drugs after the show.

Show update

We’re going to perform at the Altin Village & Mine sponsored La Familia Y Amigos – Festival on the 21st of May. Among many fine bands that are playing are XIU XIU and The Robokop Kraus. I’ve heard that Mi Ami might be playing but that’s not confirmed .┬áIt’s merely a rumour. We’ll definitely be playing some new songs instead of the old crap that make people sick to their stomachs.

Here’s our new tour van. We like it. Comfy.

tour van