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This evening serves Harmonia & Eno “Tracks and Traces”, Neu! “Neu! ’75” as well as a live show with We Live In Trenches. I received the mp3s of the new Liars album but I’m going to wait until the vinyl arrives. It’s definitely going to be worth the wait. Love that band to death and I will catch them in Berlin in a couple of weeks. Going to let The Replacements have some airplay as well. “Can’t Hardly Wait” of course.

Can’t wait until our album’s done.

Btw, Magnus (and his gf Anna) had a little baby boy yesterday. Congrats! His name will be Cronos or some other rad name.



Sonic Boom – Spectrum LP (Silvertone)
Aa – Glossy 12″ (Deleted Art/Altin Village)
Liars – Sisterworld LP (Mute)
The Cult – Sonic Temple LP

Silver Apples – S/T LP (Kapp) <— David’s drug of choice

Of course there’s a whole lot of other shit we listen to right now but these are the gems!

Playlist early Saturday evening

Listening to an old demo tape from Unwound. A song called “Bionic” is on. Great stuff. Reminiscent of Husker Du which’s always good in my book.

Unwound’s the band you always find yourself being blown away with. Every time. Wonder what Justin’s up to these days? Or Vern. Or Sara.