Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed mp3/LP, 2011/12 (Some Industries/Deleted Art/Fireworks Recordings)

A1. Void
A2. A Modest Recovery
A3. The Sound & The Sore
A4. Cults Revisited
A5. Future Tears Today

B1. War Drums
B2. The Kids of Masochism High
B3. Left of Denial
B4. Ghost Pose – 1) Lover 2) Drifter 3) Floater

Narcissus Can Wait 12″EP, 2009 (Some Industries/Deleted Art/Altin Village/Monoton Studio)

A1. Ulyssian Widow
A2. Ehtereal Sirens

B1. Departure In Particual
B2. My Hands Are Bloody
B3. Xo Echo

split 7"

Split 7″ w/ Cat Party, 2008 (Monoton Studios)

1. Replacement

The Shameless Kiss of Vanity vol. 3 cassette/cdr, 2010 (Release The Bats)

A3. The Hanging Garden

Exit Decades, 2007 (GSL/Some Industries/Deleted Art)

A1. Like Ashes Like Millions
A2. Manouvres
A3. Numb Boys
A4. Anticipation
A5. Damaged

B1. Such Verve
B2. Rival Trial
B3. Just Pornography (for M.E.)
B4. The Dull Miles (Exit Decades)

Self-titled ep

Self-titled Ep, 2005 (GSL)

1. The Postcard
2. Statues
3. Blank Calls
4. This Exile Reads Me

Enfant Perdu mp3, 2004 (self-released)

1. Tropical Hospital
2. Pulse/Impulse
3. A Payment Plan


4 responses to “Discography”

  1. antonio says :

    hey! what about the bonus traxxx from exit decades?

    • gratefuldepression says :

      They were only included on the iTunes-version (unfortunately). They weren’t properly mixed or mastered so it’s a shame they’re out there. Those songs are from the same session but they were left out for a purpose. But for the sake of completists I will add them (when I can get around to it). Thanks for still caring.


  2. Leonardo / @public_pervert says :

    Regarding the bonus tracks, “These Houses” from Exit Decades is one of my favourite songs ever. That lyric says a lot of me. I don’t get tired of saying: Thanks a lot for your beautiful music.

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